How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Content Marketing!

We’re always talking about all the ways Facebook and Facebook Ads can help you and your business expand, and there are a lot of them. The one we’ll focus on here is how to use Facebook to improve content marketing results.

Content marketing is a great resource when you’re looking to promote your business. It can help build your presence and your reputation online, all while being comparatively cost-efficient (in some cases, it’s even close to free).

This post is going to go over the actions you can take on Facebook that will improve your content marketing results, both on Facebook and off of it.

Improve Content Marketing

Build a Strong Audience

Everything else you do on Facebook won’t amount to much if you haven’t built a solid following with an audience that is genuinely interested and interacts with the content that you’re posting. After all, no matter how great the content is, it doesn’t matter much if no one is seeing it.

The first step to using Facebook to improve your content marketing is to build a strong audience.While having a lot of followers and likes on your Page is great, what matters more is the quality of those likes. You want the people who are following your Page to actually be interacting with it (a good reason to avoid fake likes), because that’s what makes content marketing successful—people who actually want to see the content, instead of scrolling right past it.

Upload Blog Posts to Facebook

Blog posts are often a central part of the off-Facebook content marketing strategies of a lot of online businesses—AdEspresso included. Blogging in particular is a great way to offer value to your target audience, providing them with free and valuable content often in a way that can help build your reputation and credibility.

use Facebook to improve content marketing

Blogging can bring a lot of traffic to your site and help increase SEO rankings—but only when people can find them. One challenge of blogging as part of a content marketing strategy is to get people to read your blog, and helping them find it. That’s where Facebook comes in.

Upload blog posts to your Facebook Page, with interesting descriptions that make people want to click on them.Facebook is a perfect place to promote your blog post, or other off-Facebook content, with a few quick clicks; you have a built-in audience that’s already interested in your content, meaning you’re likely to get at least a few clicks.

For your best and/or most important content, you can promote your blog posts more than once on Facebook.Organic reach isn’t really what it used to be, so take advantage of the fact that most people won’tsee the post twice, and upload those really great posts again (not right away, but a few days later) to get more hits on your off-Facebook site.

Post Images & Videos

Posting images and videos—including those from other platforms like Instagram and YouTube—follows the same idea as posting blog posts to your Page, but sometimes with more engagement and thus more results.

Picures are worth a thousand words, and that’s just as true on Facebook. Images and videos are great for capturing the attention of users and increasing engagement, while simultaneously potentially sending them off of Facebook to your website or another social media site.

use Facebook to improve your content marketing

Videos in particular are making a huge difference in engagement on Facebook—more and more people are showing preference to videos in their Timelines, so Facebook is showing users more videos in return.

YouTube can be a great tool, especially when used in conjunction with Facebook. I’ve used YouTube in the past as a central part of content marketing strategies, making a video for every blog post and embedding them in the posts, which drastically increased our SEO scores.

When promoted on Facebook, these videos get more and more views, increasing the impact these videos have, all while getting engagement on Facebook and potentially helping your reach there, too.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Of course it has to make the list. While it isn’t necessarily the most commonly used way to help boost your content marketing results off-Facebook, Facebook Ads shouldn’t be ignored either.

use Facebook to improve content marketing

Facebook Ads, as we all know, is a fantastic tool for discovery. This means that promoting a status or blog post that has been well-received by your current audience through the Facebook Ads system is a fantastic way to increase your audience on (and potentially off of) Facebook.

Don’t forget, whenever you’re doing anything on Facebook, including and especially Facebook Ads, you always want to make sure you’re split testing.

Which brings us to our next tip…

Test Out Content

Split testing isn’t only for Ads. Facebook is the perfect place to test out your ideas for content.

There’s a few ways you can use Facebook to test out and research your content.

The first is by evaluating the response you get on the content you post—some blog posts will likely get more clicks than others. While timing may have an impact, blog posts perceived to have particularly useful or high value information will likely get more engagement than those that don’t, especially when posted at similar times. Paying attention to the response your blog posts, videos, or other off-site content gets is a quick way and easy to see what content is doing well and what isn’t, which can in turn help you determine what content you should create in the future.

Similarly, you can test out ideas for future content by evaluating the response on your statuses, and the other interactions on your Page. If certain questions keep popping up, or people seem to respond to a certain status, you can create off-Facebook content all about that. This is creating content that is audience focused, meaning you’ll get a better response in return.

Use the Information from Insights

Both Facebook’s Pages Insights and Audience Insights can tell you a great deal that you may not have known about your audience and how they’re responding to your content.

Your Audience Insights gives you information on everything you would want to know about your audience, including the basics of age, gender, location; and the more complex stuff like estimated income, interests, etc. You may be surprised who makes up your audience. You can either create content more focused on who your audience actually is, or you can focus on trying to get more of the audience you think you may be missing.

how to use Facebook to improve content marketing

Your Page’s Insights are just as important. You can see which content you’ve posted has performed well and what hasn’t, all condensed onto one screen in an easy-to-follow layout.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.08.56 PM

You can also see what times your audience is most frequently online, making sure you post then to get the most eyes (and engagement, and clicks) on your content as possible.

The information provided by both Insights can certainly be used to increase the impact of your content marketing on Facebook, but it also can be applied to your off-Facebook marketing efforts, too.


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