Facebook Announces Secret Videos for Publishers: This Week in Social Media

What’s New This Week

Facebook Announces Secret Videos for Publishers
“Secret videos give Page owners the ability to upload videos that are accessible only via a direct URL, but which are not searchable for people on Facebook. This is useful for publishers who want to host videos on Facebook, embed them on third-party sites or share them with anyone who has the URL, without posting them anywhere else on Facebook.”

Facebook Introduces Video Ads Creative Spotlight: Each month, Facebook’s Video Ads Creative Spotlight will highlight and share the “best practices for creating video ads on Facebook that grab attention and drive business goals.”

facebook video ad creative spotlight

“To further inspire advertisers and showcase great video ad creative, Facebook IQ launched the Video Ads Creative Spotlight, which, each month, will highlight video ad creative.”

Facebook Introduces Enhancements to the Video Upload Process and a New Video Library: Facebook announced two new updates “that give publishers more control over how their videos are organized and shared.”

facebook video upload enchancements

“Secret videos give Page owners the ability to upload videos that are accessible only via a direct URL, but which are not searchable for people on Facebook.”

YouTube Introduces 360-degree Video Ads:  With YouTube’s new 360-degree video ads, “viewers can explore every angle of your videos by dragging their mouse or moving their phone to shift their POV 360 degrees – up, down, left or right.” They are available in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS.

LinkedIn Adds an Improved Lead Generation Tool to Slideshare: The new Lead Generation tool on SlideShare enables “marketers to identify key consumers of their content and connect with their audience.”

linkedin slideshare lead generation tool

“Leveraging SlideShare’s 70 million unique visitors a month, marketers are able to engage with professionals around the world.”

More social media news worth noting:

Twitter Introduces a New Safety Center: “The Safety Center is a resource for anyone to learn about online safety, on Twitter and beyond.”

twitter safety center

“The Safety Center is organized around Twitter’s tools and policies to address your safety, with sections created especially for teens, parents and educators.”

Twitter Removes Background Images from Timelines: Twitter removed the “background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users.”

Tumblr Partners with Crimson Hexagon to Provide Better Marketing Insights: “As a Preferred Analytics Partner, Crimson Hexagon can tap into Tumblr data to identify instances of brand mentions and logos, measure conversation volumes and analyze sentiment drivers.”

Here are some cool social media tools worth checking out:

Silk: An online data publishing platform that transforms spreadsheets into beautiful visual images.

Keyword Tool: A free, online Google keyword suggestion tool.

keyword tool

“Keyword Tool will help you discover thousands of the new longtail keywords related to the topic that you specify by automatically generating Google’s auto-suggestions.”


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